Loss Of…

Then suddenly I lost you in the blink of hello to the loss of no goodbye in the bittersweet memories we once called our moments J. Saunders



I warn people you cannot love me do not get too close there is nothing for you here I say these things because I am unable to take the blinders off from being in love with another I don't mean to but I've hurt the kindest hearts because I've fallen into habit of attaching myself to... Continue Reading →


from time to time I wish there was a man to hold to trust to love I know loneliness just a woman who is scared to fill this void J. Saunders

Once Upon a Time

I don’t want to have to remember you I want to know you the person you are today and the one you’ll grow into I want to be that woman by your side not the one remembering what it was like to love the man I knew   J. Saunders


You don't deserve to occupy this much of my mind while running in and out of my life like there is a revolving door with your name on it J. Saunders


I haven't seen you we've barely said four words making myself sick over the thought of you and I know communication is a two way street but I'm angry because I always reach out as if I can't be tired too It bothers me because that's not who I am, but the heart which you... Continue Reading →


I like it when you speak French to me putting you and I together in a sentence reminding me its just us two J. Saunders


I wondered why people laughed and called love a joke after reading a handful of poetry written just on that topic then calling it a cliche when I realized it was a defense mechanism it had to have been When the same people who used to believe in ever after and marriage they'd sit and... Continue Reading →

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