It didn't matter what I thought or what I felt I wasn't enough there wasn't enough of me to reach out I just hope my words reached you in time instead J. Saunders


Loss Of…

Then suddenly I lost you in the blink of hello to the loss of no goodbye in the bittersweet memories we once called our moments J. Saunders


I'm not the type of girl who wants to fix you or change you I've loved you just the way you are since the first night I met you and I'm not the type of girl who manages very well settling has never been my thing so pick a side of the line between us uncertainty... Continue Reading →

Right Now

Honestly, it never gets better. I just know, it becomes easier. It's shitty. Super shitty for a bit. The weight on your chest get's heavier. The pit of your stomach kills from emotional guilt. Your heart beat seems irregular. All I can tell you is that it'll be okay. Okay doesn't sound believable right now... Continue Reading →

Too Few Words

It's fucked up the way I fell in love with a man who clearly isn't meant for me after I told him I was content with nothing but wanted absolutely everything J. Saunders


I warn people you cannot love me do not get too close there is nothing for you here I say these things because I am unable to take the blinders off from being in love with another I don't mean to but I've hurt the kindest hearts because I've fallen into habit of attaching myself to... Continue Reading →


from time to time I wish there was a man to hold to trust to love I know loneliness just a woman who is scared to fill this void J. Saunders


I know you’re there watching  I can feel you watching me   I’m curious to know how mad it makes you knowing I’m no longer in your possession   Knowing another man is try to tame me while you spend another night alone  If you want me come and get me  Put me over your shoulders show... Continue Reading →

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